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For all health insurance brokers struggling to manage their lead flow, East Coast Health Insurance is proud to now offer a complete Health Insurance CRM that has been customized to work with Norvax’s Broker Office and Lead Vendors. To speak with us anytime, call 888 803 5917.

No more manually typing leads into your CRM, with our new Health Insurance Customer Relationship Manager every lead automatically gets imported from either Norvax, Quotit, and most lead providers directly into your CRM.  The best part?  No more sharing your data.  Your health insurance crm will be installed on your health insurance website on your hosting account, so your quote engine company will no longer have any access at all to your leads.

Our CRM comes with a Skype plugin and an email account built in to the software so you won’t need to integrate any other software with your CRM, not even a phone!  Get a USB headset and get ready to talk.

For agents that have been doing face to face appointments you can now do web conferencing from your CRM, so you will save hundreds on gas.

This CRM was built by a health insurance company because all of the problems that I listed above were a constant struggle for us and our lead management system was no longer hacking it.  Our CRM will not only handle your lead management but also your accounting.  Reconciling commission statements will be quicker then ever.

Do you have a CRM now?  We can import every piece of data from your existing CRM as well so you won’t have to do any setup.  For those that are technologically proficient, we can deliver the product.

I have spent hundreds of hours developing this software and am not selling it to get rich, I am pricing it so low that it will literally surprise you, and guess what?  Pay once and never again.  Though we will offer support, the last thing we want is to send you a bill ever.

As we develop this site we will be adding screenshots and other pages to show you how simple this CRM is.  Simple yes, but powerful because it was built for health insurance agents by health insurance agents.

Call 888 803 5917 now for more information.