Healthcare’s Technology Trends

In fact technological advancements have significant impacts on our way of life, may it be negatively or positively (it all depends upon the aim of view you decide to consider it). Today, there are many technological advancements in most fields, and they have shown to be handy. And also this applies with regards to healthcare. As an example, previously patients were needed to call and set a consultation merely to ask queries about a selected treatment. However, these days’ patients bypass every one of these by just going to a doctor’s webpage or chat with them by way of a specific platform.

Concurrently, those days are gone of waiting in stuffy exam rooms, and/or waiting for test results. Indeed, there is lots of room for tech-enabled advancements in healthcare. For this reason, we lay out to locate new and trending healthcare technologies this year. This meant looking for experts and asking them to weigh in.

1. Chatbots In Healthcare

This is a reality that Chatbots already have overtaken many industries like the service and retail sector. However, in the health industry, this technology has not been widely adopted, but soon it will likely be a game changer. Besides saving costs, it can also be used to schedule appointments, notify nurses when it comes to severe conditions, along with monitor a patient’s health status.

Concurrently, a Chatbot might help a patient directly by discussing the healthy issues h/she is suffering from and which are the best possible treatment they may get. The only problem with Chatbot in healthcare is it is still within its experimental phase, meaning that it is really not easy to replace them as an alternative for proper health care now. However, they can use accustomed to offer first aid. Nevertheless, experts have predicted that it will change anytime soon and perhaps this year.

2. Telehealth

Telehealth can be defined as the variety of methods or means, with the objective of enhancing public health, healthcare and health delivery, support, or education using telecommunication channels. By way of example, in case you have emailed forward and backward by using a doctor, then you have observed telehealth. Today, telehealth involves, online portals to find out test results, appointment reminder texts, and apps accustomed to track exercises and diet.

Telehealth is an already existing field of medicine without a doubt. It became popular in the 90s and was adopted by a lot of people across America. However, experts claim that an upgrade or expand is slowly encroaching on many new areas. First, it is known this technology will grow and develop to people people residing in rural areas. Simultaneously, you will see a rise of mobile clinics and even more.

3. Personalized Medicine

When you probably know, everyone is different from each other. Put simply, your DNA is different from the other people, even though it may be similar. For this reason, the market has seen a rise in personalized medicine because the Human Genome Project, which mapped order of DNA in the human gene pool. For this reason, personalized medicine is a huge trending region of research for a long time now.