Phoenix, Things Your Podiatrist Wants You to Know

When do you usually see a foot doctor? It’s uncommon for Americans to call a podiatrist to book an appointment unless they experience serious foot injuries. What they don’t know is that a podiatrist is trained and educated to treat different types of ankle and foot problems from as basic as helping you choose the right type of shoe design for your foot’s shape and size to performing foot surgeries. Here are several interesting things that you podiatrist wants you to know about your foot.

Make A List of All Your Complaints

It is wise to make a complete list of all your complaints so that when you visit your foot doctor you won’t miss a thing. Patients also receive a more tailored treatment plan when they are able to accurately present their concerns and problems to their podiatrist. Some of the notes you should list down include date when the pain started, the location of the pain, what triggers the pain and what remedies you’ve done to minimize the pain before you sought professional help. The information you can provide will help your podiatrist understand your problem better.

Bring Your Shoes In

As odd as it sounds but bringing in a few extra pairs of shoes to your foot doctor during your appointment will help. Your podiatrist will examine your shoes to check if there are any signs of abnormal wear and tear and if there is anything in your shoes that’s rubbing against your feet. The wear of your shoes will give your foot doctor insight as to how your foot works when you stand, run or walk. This will also help your foot doctor come up with a diagnosis and identify the reason behind the pain. If you happen to use shoe inserts we recommend you bring those too.

See A Foot Doctor For An Ankle Sprain

Usually, people don’t see a foot doctor when they incur an ankle sprain thinking that it will heal itself over time. What they don’t realize is that when they continue to walk, stand and run with a sprained ankle it’s only going to get worse because the ligaments won’t be able to heal properly. When the healing is impaired your ankles will become weak and this will predispose you to more strains and sprains. If you hurt your ankle and the pain is still there after 1 to 2 days you should call your foot doctor.

It’s A Wrong Notion To ‘Break In’ Shoes

People think that they should ‘break in’ shoes and that it’s okay to feel discomfort when the shoes are still new. Well, your foot doctor thinks otherwise. Shoes should feel comfortable in your feet right from the get go. The moment you take them out of the box and wear them, you shouldn’t have to ‘break in’. Shoes that don’t fit your feet right will result in foot problems such as calluses and corns.

Apply Lotion On Your Feet Everyday

We usually put lotion on our limbs to keep our skin soft and supple but do you know that you can also apply lotion on your feet? People who rub lotion on their feet daily experienced lesser foot cracks compared to those who don’t. Lotion also keeps your calluses moisturized. We recommend you apply a generous amount of lotion and massage it on your feet and then put on a pair of comfortable cotton socks before bedtime.

Give Up Old Shoes

You have to know when to let your old shoes go. When your feet hurt when you wear them then that’s your sign that you need to have them replaced with new ones. Remember, shoes aren’t designed to last a lifetime. If your shoes no longer give you the support you need you need to ditch them and find yourself a new pair.


You’ll learn a lot more about your foot health and how to improve it by visiting your podiatrist on a regular basis.