Dog, Modern Puppy Training Techniques

Modern dog training naples techniques have evolved over the years. By closely studying the behavior of pups, trainers have made necessary adjustments to the strategies they use to make them more effective.

The belief of military dog training is that your dog is your rival in the training field and you have to rule over your dog before it starts dominating you. Unfortunately, the training process is quite brutal because it involves an extremely demanding temperament test that can be very physical. This form of training does not encourage a caring and loving relationship with your dog and it’s not something modern-day dog owners want.

According to Dr. Ian Dunbar, a behaviorist based in California, the idea of military dog training is to encourage poor temperament and for the dog to show it during the early parts of training instead of showing it on the battlefield. This training is not suitable for pet dog training. Thankfully, modern dog training has been introduced and is now currently being used by dog trainers worldwide.

Modern Dog Training

With reward training and operant conditioning, the pup will learn that there are consequences and rewards for every action. The traditional way of training dogs relied on waiting for the dog to do something inappropriate and then using the leash-jerk correction, and physically positioning or pushing the dog. Meanwhile, modern training methods allowed the dog to do activities at their own pace.

What Is Modern Dog Training and How Does It Work?

Another name for modern dog training is science-based dog training. It’s called science-based because the principles behind the training methods are based on scientific research. Furthermore, the principles that support it were discovered in a laboratory by a scientist. Modern-day dog training makes use of positive reinforcement to change a dog’s behavior. Positive reinforcement aims to control the consequences of your dog’s behavior. The focus of this training is to reinforce behavior instead of correcting it. This allows trainers to train dogs without applying physical force. Training methods that do not involve force were called “tricks” but because they are so effective, these methods are being used today.

What Are The Benefits of Modern Day Training?

Advanced training techniques will remarkably teach your dog how to perform complex tasks – tasks that you wouldn’t believe they can do. There are also training strategies that will help manage shy, dangerous, and nervous dogs without letting them go through stress. This is a huge advantage especially for zookeepers who are always tending to animals.

A huge part of training is about creating new behaviors or purposefully teaching your dog certain inherent behaviors that it can use while interacting with its master. One example is teaching your dog to sit down. All dogs know how to sit since this is a natural position for all dogs. However, to get your dog to sit on your command, you need to make it decide to sit on purpose. Modern dog training can do just that. Besides training your dog basic commands, you can also teach other tricks like getting the keys or fetching your shoes. Your dog can develop purposeful and desirable behavior through modern dog training methods.

The modern dog training method focuses on positive reinforcement training wherein a dog’s behavior is established and encouraged without using force. Studies show training that doesn’t involve force resulted in fascinating changes in a dog’s physical state. Dogs trained through positive reinforcement were less fearful, relaxed and they are happier. They also can practice self-control despite being highly jovial. Dogs that are trained using the traditional method ended up suppressing their excitement.


Dogs are designed to be social animals, which means it’s natural for them to develop relationships with other dogs and with people. With appropriate training, your dog will not only be your loyal companion but can also become a great helper.