Preparing Your Skin Prior To Waxing

Even if you’re not a hairy person you still find yourself shaving and plucking every strand of hair that grows in places that society believes should be hairless. Plucking and shaving take a lot of work and they take time too! If you have grown tired of shaving and if plucking is hurting your skin maybe it’s about time you consider waxing.

Thousands of women (and men included) recommend waxing as a way to get rid of unwanted hair. Sure, you can buy waxing kits in your local grocery store but nothing beats the results you’ll get from a professional spa. What are the benefits of waxing and why should you give it a try?

First of all, waxing will last much longer compared to shaving. Why? Well, because when you wax it removes the hair roots and not just the shaft. Second of all, you don’t have to deal with unsightly scars as a result of nicks and cuts from shaving.

Another thing that makes waxing a better option than shaving is the fact that shaving can cause skin irritation or rashes especially if you have sensitive skin. Those who wax also say that their hair grows slower and has become finer compared to when they pluck and shave. It also leaves your skin smoother because all your hairs are removed from their roots and the regrowth rate is slower.

Do you know that shaving can also result to stubbles? Sure, your skin may look smooth and flawless but wait until you touch it. You can feel its roughness. Perhaps one of the reasons why people are scared to give waxing a try is because they have been told that it’s going to hurt. Well, waxing is not painful at all just as long as it is done right, which is why it is important that for your first waxing session, you let professionals do it rather than do a DIY approach. People who waxed on their own ended up in pain and because they were so traumatized, they swore off waxing. Waxing is quick and very convenient and it won’t take up much of your time.

To make sure you are getting the most out of your session we recommend you prepare your skin prior to your waxing appointment. Here’s what you need to do before you have your skin waxed:

Let Your Hair Grow

Yes, hair growth is extremely important so that your wax can effectively clear off the area. If you are going to wax your legs wait for at least one to two weeks before you visit the salon. This time frame is enough to allow your hair to grow. However, this will depend on the rate of your hair growth. Most salons recommend that you wait until it reaches to about one centimeter. In the meantime, while you’re allowing your hair to grow you can wear pants and leggings to cover your hairy legs. You have to be patient during this time so that even if your hair grows you won’t be tempted to shave them.

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

Another way to prepare your legs prior to your appointment is to exfoliate them. Most if not all salons recommend that you use a sugar scrub as this effectively sloughs away dead skin cells. Scrub your legs while you’re in the shower for best results. Exfoliating is important so that all of your hair will come out of your skin. Unfortunately, if you miss this very important step, you’ll find new hair growing again in the next two weeks. After your waxing treatment you are expected to continue exfoliating for the next ten days.

Waxing can do wonders not just to your skin but to your self-esteem as well! Trust us, once you try waxing you will never go back to shaving ever again.