Secrets Your Dentist Will Never Tell You

We often think that dentists are the getaway to getting all information regarding our oral health. This may not always be the case. The quick trips to the dentist may not leave you having all the information that you need to know to keep your mouth healthy. Most of us know almost enough about our oral health. Still, there are secrets that your dentist may never tell you. This information can be very crucial to the maintenance of your oral health.

Dentists may not tell you how chewing gum can be good for your oral health. Xylitol that’s used in sugar-free gums can be beneficial to your teeth and gums. This sweetener helps in fighting bad bacteria. Your dentist may fail to mention this leaving you thinking that all gums are bad for your oral health.

Your dentist may also not inform you about the risks that come with mercury fillings. Mercury amalgam may not be that safe for your teeth. Leeching occurs each time you chew. Fortunately, there are many other filling alternatives within the market.

Teeth whitening is gaining popularity as a cosmetic dentistry procedure. This procedure can boost your confidence while giving you a great smile. However, your dentist may not tell you the damage that this procedure can do to your enamel. He or she may keep this a secret from you. Bleaching your teeth can strip its enamel.

During most scenarios, when your dentist says you need something, you’ll straight away give in and get it. This is the case with a root canal. Your dentist may keep it a secret that there may be other alternatives. There are health risks that are associated with root canals. You need to ask your dentist to provide you with alternatives such as the extraction of dead teeth.

Your dentist may argue making a great case on behalf of his or her specialty. He or she may convince you to get the filling that’s within his or her specialty. Critical information may be left out during such times. Your dentist may keep it a secret from you that metal fillings last longer. You may end up getting ceramic fillings which are less durable than metal fillings.

Dental technology has evolved so much in the last 50 years. There have been major significant advancements in dentistry. Some dental offices have embraced these changes and use modern dental technology. Your dentist may keep some of these advancements a secret if he or she is still relying on outdated technologies. You should find out whether your dentist is keeping up with dental advancements.

Your dentist may not tell you how too much fluoride can affect your teeth. Fluorosis develops through the use of tooth much fluoride. Your teeth get deformed. This mineral can end up damaging your teeth. Your dentist may downplay passing on this information which can lead to serious damage to your teeth.

Oil pulling is an efficient way to rinse your mouth. This may be kept a secret from you by your dentist. Oil pulling uses oil to rinse your mouth. Germs and bacteria are pulled out during this process. For it to be completely effective, rinsing needs to be done for about 20 minutes.

Everyone knows that sugar is harmful to the health of our gums and teeth. Well, it’s not just sugar that’s harmful. Your dentist may not tell you that other foods can also lead to tooth decay. Your teeth can start rotting through the consumption of starchy foods such as chips and pasta. Grapefruit and lime can also contribute to tooth decay.

There are many things that your dentist may not tell you. The information left out may be critical when it comes to your oral health. You need to ask your dentist questions to ensure that you get the necessary information. After all, this can guarantee that you get the best treatment from your dentist. You need to find a dentist that you trust who won’t keep such information a secret from you.